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Complete Listing of all US and Offshore Captive Insurance Domiciles - Best Domiciles for Captive Insurance Companies

Captive Insurance Companies that are owned by US citizens account for approximately 3,500 of the nearly 5,000 Captive Insurance Companies that are currently in operation worldwide. Captive Insurance Companies can be domiciled (legally formed or incorporated, licensed, managed and operated) in a wide number of domiciles both in the US and off-shore.  There are now approximately 24 US States  that are Captive Insurance Company Domiciles and well over 35 foreign countries or Territories with Captive Insurance Company legislation that serve as excellent Captive Insurance Company Domiciles. Captive Insurance Companies that are formed , licensed, managed and operated outside the US or offshore can make an IRC section 953(d) election to be taxed as a Domestic US corporation for US Tax purposes. This allows a foreign based Captive Insurance Company to receive the same  US Tax benefits and treatment as a Captive Insurance Company formed in any of the 24 US States with Captive Insurance Legislation. The big difference is that a foreign based Captive generally has a much lower costs of ownership and a far higher degree of flexibility for its US owners compared to a Captive Insurance Company which is Domiciled in  the US. For this reason most small Captive Insurance Companies with annual premiums below $1.2 million are formed offshore. The table below entitles " A List of US and Foreign (Offshore) Captive Insurance Domiciles" lists the 24 US States with Captive Insurance Company Legislation that are Captive Insurance Company Domiciles as well as 35 foreign countries which also have Captive Insurance Company Legislation and serve as excellent Captive Insurance Company Domiciles. By clicking on any domicile you can go to its government website for addition information including its Captive Insurance legislation and requirements. 

A List of US and Foreign (Offshore) Captive Insurance Domiciles

US Captive Domiciles Off-Shore Captive Domiciles
Alabama Anguilla  New Zealand
Arizona Australia Panama 
Arkansas Bahamas Puerto Rico
Colorado Barbados Singapore
Delaware Bermuda St. Lucia
District of Columbia British Columbia Sweden
Florida British Virgin Islands Switzerland
Georgia Cayman Islands Turks & Caicos Islands
Hawaii Curacao (Netherlands) U.S. Virgin Islands
Illinois Denmark Vanuatu
Kansas Dublin West Indies
Kentucky Gibraltar  
Maine Guam  
Montana Guernsey  
Nevada Hong Kong  
New York Isle of Man  
Rhode Island Jersey  
South Carolina Labuan  
South Dakota Liechtenstein  
Tennessee London - Lloyd's of London  
Utah Luxembourg  
Vermont Malta  
Virginia Mauritius (South Africa)  
West Virginia Nevis  

WMS, LLC has carefully researched all 24 US Captive Insurance Company Domiciles and all 35 foreign Captive Insurance Company Domiciles in order to identify the Captive Insurance Company Domiciles which are the best for forming, licensing, managing and operating a Captive Insurance Company. The four (4)) most important features Captive Insurance Company owners want in a Captive Insurance Domicile are: ( 1) Low Cost of formation and operation , (2) Flexibility  with respect to the Captive's ownership, operation, investments, coverages that can be underwritten, etc, of operation and underwriting (3) Speed of formation and responsiveness of domicile regulators and support staff, and (4) Asset Protection Benefits which are part of the Domicile's insurance law.  .

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