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Captive Reinsurance

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Captive Reinsurance

Captive Reinsurance Agreements take many forms and have a myriad of terms and conditions specific to the reinsurance world. On a fee for service basis, we can assist Agency Captives and Association Captives with their reinsurance program needs. We understand that identifying a large national front insurer who is well rated, admitted in the states your program targets, and will lso allow you to share in underwriting profits through reinsurance, can be time consuming and frustrating. However, if you are truly willing to share risk, you can also share in underwriting profits on an Insurance Program that is custom tailored to your Agency's or Association's needs. We can assist you in Front Insurer identification, screening and negotiation, as well as Insurance Program customization and competitive feature development, Reinsurance program development, and Captive implementation and management.

Captive Reinsurance Benefits include:

  • Ability to share in Underwriting profits

  • Customized Insurance Program

  • Increased Profits due to wholesale vs. retail premium rates.

  • Improved Earnings Consistency due to less variation in annual claims costs.

  • Increased Return on Captive's Capital due to increased capacity without additional capital.

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